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Business Hours:

9:30am to 5:30pm

Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

General Holidays

The following list of general holidays for 2023 is gazetted for public information:

Every Sunday



The day following the first day of January

2 January


The second day of Lunar New Year

23 January


The third day of Lunar New Year

24 January


The fourth day of Lunar New Year

25 January


Ching Ming Festival

5 April


Good Friday

7 April


The day following Good Friday

8 April


Easter Monday

10 April


Labour Day

1 May


The Birthday of the Buddha

26 May


Tuen Ng Festival

22 June


Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

1 July


The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

30 September


The day following National Day

2 October


Chung Yeung Festival

23 October


Christmas Day

25 December


The first weekday after Christmas Day

26 December



Service Arrangements During Typhoons and Rainstorms

In the event of the issuance of Tropical Typhoon Signal No.8 or above / “Extreme Conditions” / Black Rainstorm Warning, our company will adopt the following special arrangements:


Arrangements for Office Closing and Re-opening during Typhoons / Extreme Conditions when TYPHOON WARNING SIGNAL NO. 8 OR ABOVE is in effect:

  1. Typhoon warning signal No. 8 or above or extreme conditions are in effect during working hours, our office will be closed.
  2. Typhoon warning signal No. 8 and (if any) extreme conditions are cancelled before at or before 12:00 noon, our office, if the conditions permit, will re-open two hours after the typhoon warning signal No. 8 or extreme conditions is cancelled.
  3. Typhoon warning signal No. 8 or extreme conditions are cancelled after 12:00 noonour office will close all day.


Arrangements for Office Closing and Re-opening during Black Rainstorm Warning: 

      1.   Black Rainstorm Warning is issued before office opening and remains in effect at 12:00 noonour office will close all day.

2.   Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during working hours, our office will stay open if conditions permit.

3.   Black Rainstorm Warning is issued before office opening and is cancelled before 12:00 noon, our office will re-open two hours after the Black Rainstorm Warning is cancelled if conditions permit. 


We apologize for any inconvenience these extreme weather conditions may cause.



If you have any questions about the above arrangements, please feel free to contact us. 




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